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Over 30 years of shipping experience

Marrick Marine was established in the UK in 1979 by Richard Dodd. His passion is to offer the best service for your shipments to and from the UK. Being and staying an independent NVOCC is his mission. In 1986 he opened Marrick Marine Ltd Antwerp that was changed into a bvba in 2000. Richard Dodd is still running Marrick Marine and although logistics constantly change, his values remain unchanged. A small, friendly, family minded work environment where there is space for the team to develop and maintain a long lasting relationship with all our customers and suppliers.

Located in the Alt text of Antwerp.

Willem Van Haechtlaan 61
B-2050 Antwerpen
Tel: + 32 (0) 3 2311826

What is going to work? Teamwork!

Thinking of your next UK shipping?

We'd love to do it