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Standard containers

20' & 40' standard containers, 45' containers, 40' high cube containers and trailers

Specialised equipment

20' & 40' open tops Open Tops, bulktrailers

Specialised in container transports to and from Europe into the United Kingdom


We gladly take care of your house/house shipments and deliveries from Benelux, Germany and Northern France to anywhere into UK and vice versa.

Considering the distance between loading/delivery point we offer you the quickest and most economical way of transport. By minimilising the on-carriage it also contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Quay / Quay

If you require to transport shippers owned units we will be glad to assist you with our quay to quay possibilities. We call any port in UK and depart from Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Moerdijk and Rotterdam.

Reefer units also can be shipped via our services as vessels have connecting points available to guarantee temperature control throughout the crossing.


For containers arriving from Deep-sea into any Continental port or UK port we happily arrange the complete transport and customs formalities to get your container delivered to its final destination.

On time, fast, reliable and cost effective. We have the independency to provide you with the most reliable and fastest services available to Short Sea.


When there is imbalance of empty containers within Continent/UK or vica versa? We transport depot/depot, depot/quay whichever is most suitable for you. We collect by barge, rail or truck to suit your requirements and transit time. All types of containers can be shipped via roll on/roll off or containervessel to and from all UK destinations.